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Afebrile Medical Definition

What is the definition of afebrile? What is the medical abbreviation for afebrile. Let’s find out afebrile medical definition!

afebrile medical definition - afebrile temperature

Afebrile Medical Definition

The word afebrile has a Latin origin and is defined as “without fever.” It may be used for the absence of fever or any other symptom of illness. The prefix in afebrile means without fever.An afebrile person is someone who does not have a fever. The opposite of an afebrile person is someone who has a fever. A person with an afebrile temperature is not experiencing a fever. This may be because they are on medication to reduce their fever or because they have a disease that does not cause fevers.

A febrile seizure is a type of seizure that happens when someone has a fever. The seizures are usually not serious and can be treated at home. Febrile seizures might happen in children with a fever for less than 24 hours. Afebrile seizures are not the same as febrile convulsions.

A person experiencing an afebrile seizure will have a normal body temperature. Still, their brain activity is abnormal, and they may experience jerking movements of the muscles or limbs, loss of consciousness, and usually no other symptoms of illness.

Febrile means having a fever or feeling feverish or having the symptoms of a high temperature.

A febrile seizure is also called a febrile convulsion, and it’s one of the most common types of seizures in children under five years old with fevers.

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