Chronic Otitis Media Diagnosis and Treatment at Home

How to get rid of chronic otitis media in adults? How to treat chronic otitis media with effusion? Let’s find out about chronic otitis media diagnosis and treatment!

Chronic Otitis Media Meaning

Chronic otitis media definition – What is chronic otitis media? Chronic otitis media is a chronic infection of the middle ear, and mastoid usually happens because of recurrent acute otitis media. Still, it can also be caused by other diseases and injuries. A hole in the tympanic membrane is usually present.

Chronic otitis media causes

What causes chronic otitis media? Different bacteria from acute otitis media cause chronic otitis media. Paeruginosa, Proteus species, Staphylococcus aureus, and mixed anaerobic infections are all examples of common organisms.

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Chronic Otitis Media Diagnosis and Treatment at Home in Adult

Chronic Otitis Media Diagnosis

  • Chronic ear discharge with or without the ear pain.
  • Perforation of the tympanic membrane with hearing loss.
  • Usually easy to fix with surgery.

Chronic otitis media symptoms

Signs and symptoms of chronic otitis media – Chronic otitis media is diagnosed by a pus-filled ear discharge. Drainage can be constant or stop and start. It hurts more when you have an upper respiratory tract infection or after being in the water.

Acute flare-ups are the only times when pain is common. Conductive hearing loss happens when the tympanic membrane, the ossicular chain, or both are damaged.

Chronic Otitis Media Treatment and Management at Home

Treatment of chronic otitis media – What is the best treatment for chronic otitis media? Chronic otitis media is treated by removing infected debris regularly, using earplugs to keep water out of the ear, and using antibiotic drops (ofloxacin 0.3% or ciprofloxacin with dexamethasone) when the condition gets worse.

Ciprofloxacin, which kills Pseudomonas, can be taken by mouth in doses of 500 mg twice a day for 1–6 weeks to help dry up an ear that keeps dripping.

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Most of the time, surgery is the only way to cure the disease. About 90% of the time, the tympanic membrane can be reconstructed successfully, which often means the infection is gone and hearing is much better. However, when the mastoid air cells are infected in a way that can’t be fixed, a mastoidectomy should be done to remove them all at once.

I hope you understand chronic otitis media diagnosis and treatment guidelines.

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