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Cucumber Mosaic Virus Symptoms and Treatment Control

What does the cucumber mosaic virus look like? Is the cucumber mosaic virus harmful to humans? Let’s find out about cucumber mosaic virus symptoms and treatment control guidelines!

Cucumber Mosaic Virus Definition

Cucumber mosaic virus meaning: What is cucumber mosaic virus?

The cucumber mosaic virus (CMV) is found in many crops and weeds worldwide. However, celery and other plants in the Apiaceae family are only sometimes infected.

cucumber mosaic virus symptoms and treatment control - cucumber mosaic virus disease cycle

Cucumber Mosaic Virus Causes

What causes the cucumber mosaic virus? What is the most common cause of the cucumber mosaic virus?

With over 800 reported plants (crop and weed) hosts, CMV has one of the widest host ranges of any pathogen. CMV is a cucumovirus with isometric virions 29 nm in diameter and three single-stranded RNAs. Celery has different strains, such as type and calico.

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Cucumber Mosaic Virus Symptoms

Signs and symptoms of cucumber mosaic virus: What are some symptoms of cucumber mosaic virus?

Young petioles on affected plants curl outward and downward, making the center of the plant look noticeably flattened. In addition, the veins on the leaves are clear, and the dark green, thickened tissue between the veins gives the leaves a wrinkled look. When young plants are infected, the leaves may turn yellow, the veins may die, and the petioles may have long, necrotic, or translucent sunken lesions.

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Cucumber Mosaic Virus Disease Cycle

The virus is spread by the styles of many different kinds of aphids in a way that is not permanent. Aphids can get the virus in less than a minute and start spreading it immediately. Still, they are only contagious for a few hours. Therefore, CMV is not thought to be spread through the seeds of celery.

Cucumber Mosaic Virus Treatment Guidelines

Treatment of cucumber mosaic virus – What is the best treatment for cucumber mosaic virus?

There are many sources of CMV in other crops and weeds, like chickweed, which makes it hard to control (Stellaria media).

I hope you understand cucumber mosaic virus symptoms and treatment control guidelines.

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