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Symptoms of Jaw Infection After Root Canal

should dentist pay for failed root canal

The world of dentistry is not just about gleaming smiles and white teeth. Sometimes, things can get a little… complicated. Take root canals, for instance. It’s a procedure that often makes us clutch our cheeks just hearing about it, but what happens when your jaw decides to join the drama post-procedure? Let’s delve into the symptoms of jaw infection after …

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Should Dentists Pay for Failed Root Canal?

should dentists pay for failed root canal

When it comes to dental procedures, root canals can be nerve-wracking – both literally and figuratively. But what happens when things don’t go as planned? Let’s chomp into the debate on whether dentists should foot the bill for a failed root canal.

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Cavity vs Root Canal

cavity vs root canal symptoms pain xray

Welcome to the world of dental debates! If you’ve ever found yourself questioning whether your tooth ailment warrants a filling or the more notorious root canal, you’re not alone. Today, we sink our teeth into the intricate details of the cavity vs root canal conundrum. Trust us, this is going to be a biting revelation!

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Do Dentists Lie About Root Canals?

do dentists lie about root canals

In the grand world of dental discussions (trust us, it’s more intriguing than it sounds!), one hot topic seems to be on everyone’s lips: do dentists lie about root canals? It’s a question that, on the surface, sounds as perplexing as asking if barbers secretly despise hair. But, let’s go down this oral rabbit hole and see what’s really at …

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How to Stop Throbbing Pain after Root Canal

how to stop throbbing pain after root canal

Ah, the joys of dental work. Few experiences in life are as memorable as that moment when the dentist says, “You need a root canal.” But wait! Before you start daydreaming about a post-apocalyptic future where you fend off zombie dentists with your newly acquired dental superpowers, let’s get back to reality. So you’ve had a root canal. And now …

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Tooth with Root Canal Hurts with Pressure

tooth with root canal hurts with pressure

Life has its fair share of pressures, from deadlines to first dates. But pressure that brings a throb in a tooth with a root canal? Now, that’s a plot twist nobody saw coming! A root canal-treated tooth should not cause pain, so if your tooth with root canal hurts with pressure, something might be amiss. But worry not, dental detective, …

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Root Canal vs Extraction

root canal vs extraction - pros and cons of root canal vs extraction

In the world of dentistry, few topics ignite as much debate as the ultimate face-off: root canal vs extraction. It’s a duel that has patients, dentists, and even insurance companies biting their nails in anticipation. It’s akin to choosing between spinach and broccoli. Both are good for you, but the choice depends on your personal circumstances. But don’t worry! This …

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Pulp Cap vs Root Canal

pulp cap vs root canal

Toothaches – the bane of our existence! Whether it’s a spoonful of ice cream sending chills down your spine or a cup of coffee that makes you see stars, toothache is a rather ‘biting’ experience. But, before we delve into the epic saga of pulp cap vs root canal, a crash course on dental anatomy might just be what the …

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Dental Pulp Test

dental pulp test - pulp test dental

You know that feeling when you bite into a freezing scoop of ice cream or a piping hot slice of pizza and your tooth cries out in surprise? It’s not because your tooth was dreaming of a sun-soaked beach vacation, but rather a sign of potential dental pulp issues. Before you panic and start frantically Googling ‘how to pack a …

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Cementum of the Tooth

cementum of the tooth - cementum definition - function of cementum

Dental health discussions often focus on the stars of the show: the sparkling enamel and the sensitive dentin. But today, let’s turn the spotlight on the unsung hero, the cementum of the tooth. This often-overlooked element plays an integral role in oral health and well-being.

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