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ECOG Score Meaning

What is ECOG score? What is ECOG performance status scale?

ecog score meaning ps - ecog performance status

ECOG score meaning in medical

In medicine (especially oncology/cancer department), performance status is a form of performance evaluation assessed to determine a person’s quality of life and activities of daily life. This assessment will later be used to determine whether or not someone can get chemotherapy, how to adjust the dose and the intensity of palliative therapy.

Several scoring systems are used to assess this common condition, but Karnofsky’s and the ECOG scores are the most commonly used.

The ECOG score is a tool for measuring the medical performance status of a patient. It describes the patient’s ability to care for themselves, their everyday activities, and their physical ability.

Researchers worldwide use the ECOG Performance Status while developing new treatment trials. This numbering scale is one technique to define the trial’s patient population, so it may be repeated by physicians who enroll patients. In addition, it allows doctors to track changes in a patient’s level of functioning due to treatment during the trials.

The scale was created by the Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group (ECOG), which is now part of the ECOG-ACRIN Cancer Research Group, and published in 1982. It is in the public domain, which means anyone can use it.

ECOG performance status

What is ECOG performance status mean?

ecog performance status - ecog performance scale

  • Grade 0, fully active, can do all pre-disease activities with some limitations.
  • Grade 1, physically able to move around and do light or sedentary work, but can’t do anything too strenuous.
  • Grade 2, they can move around and care for themselves, but they can’t do any work.
  • Grade 3, they can’t do much for themselves and have to stay in bed or a chair more than half the time they’re awake.
  • Grade 4, completely unable to take care of themselves and stuck in bed or a chair.
  • Grade 5, dead

Karnofsky performance scale vs. ECOG

Physicians often use the ECOG Performance Status and the Karnofsky Performance Status to determine how well a patient is functioning. Both scales have been available to the public for a long time to classify patients based on their level of functional impairment, compare the effectiveness of different treatments, and figure out a patient’s prognosis. In 1949, a textbook first discussed the Karnofsky index, which ranges from 100 to 0.


ECOG performance status vs. Karnofsky definition

There are a few ways to map the two scales. One common way to compare things is shown in the table below.

Karnofsky performance scale vs ECOG

Well, I hope you all understand ECOG score meaning.

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