Morbidity Definition

morbidity definition - what is a co morbidity - morbidity meaning

What is morbidity’s definition? What is the definition of morbidity? Why is it important to learn about morbidity? Let’s find out!

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Intervention Meaning

intervention meaning - intervention definition

What is the meaning of intervention? What is an example of medical intervention? Intervention meaning – Intervention medical definition Define intervention: Intervention is the act of interfering or interceding to change the outcome. In medicine, an intervention helps treat or cure a problem. Intervention can be defined as any attempt to change or stop the normal progression of a disease in …

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Medical Condition Definition

medical condition definition - medical condition definition insurance

What is a medical condition? What is the definition of a medical condition? Medical Condition Definition Medical definition of condition: In any situation, it’s essential to know about common medical conditions and how they show up. A medical condition is the state of a patient’s mental or physical health. This includes the patient’s disease, illness, or injury. The medical condition synonym is …

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