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Medical Condition Definition

medical condition definition - medical condition definition insurance

What is a medical condition? What is the definition of a medical condition? Medical Condition Definition Medical definition of condition: In any situation, it’s essential to know about common medical conditions and how they show up. A medical condition is the state of a patient’s mental or physical health. This includes the patient’s disease, illness, or injury. The medical condition synonym is …

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Deontological Ethics Definition

deontological ethics definition - what is deontology

What is deontology ethics? What are deontological ethics examples? Deontological ethics definition Define deontological ethics: The term deontological was first introduced by C. D. Broad in his 1930 book Five Types of Ethical Theory. In addition, many definitions of deontological ethics can be found in the ancient Tamil literature Thirukural, which is thought to have been written between 300 BCE and …

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