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Intervention Meaning

What is the meaning of intervention? What is an example of medical intervention?

intervention meaning - intervention definition

Intervention meaning – Intervention medical definition

Define intervention: Intervention is the act of interfering or interceding to change the outcome.

In medicine, an intervention helps treat or cure a problem. Intervention can be defined as any attempt to change or stop the normal progression of a disease in a person. This could be done by giving them medical care, education, help, or social support.

5 Medical Interventions

medical interventions examples - nursing interventions for medication compliance

What are examples of medical interventions? What types of medical interventions are available? The following are the five main categories of medical interventions ;

Health Promotion

Health promotion is the process of giving people more control over their health and making it better. It is not meant to fight a specific disease but rather to make the host stronger in many ways, such as health education, lifestyle & behavioral changes, nutritional interventions, and environmental modifications.

Specific Protection

Some of the specific protection measures that are available right now such as; immunization, chemoprophylaxis, avoidance of allergens, use of specific nutrients, the control of particular hazards in the general environment like air pollution and noise control, protection against accidents, protection from carcinogens, control of consumer product quality & safety of foods, drugs, cosmetics, etc.

Early Diagnosis and Treatment

Even though early diagnosis and treatment aren’t as effective and cost-efficient as primary prevention, they may be significant in reducing the number of people who get sick and die from diseases like essential hypertension and cancer.

Disability Limitation

When a patient comes in late in the pathogenesis phase, disability limitation is the best way to help. This intervention aims to prevent or stop the spread of the disease from handicap to impairment.


medical intervention examples rehabilitation meaning

Rehabilitation is the coordinated use of medical, social, educational, and vocational measures to train and retrain a person to the highest functional ability possible.

Here are some examples of rehabilitation:

  • Retraining the muscles
  • Changes to life in general for people with tuberculosis, heart disease, and other illnesses
  • Help for people with disabilities
  • Setting up schools for blind people
  • Graded exercises for diseases of the nervous system like polio

Concerns about rehabilitation have been pointed out in the following areas:

  • Medical rehabilitation: restoring function
  • Vocational rehabilitation: restoring the ability to make a living
  • Social rehabilitation: restoring family and social ties
  • Psychological rehabilitation: restoring a person’s self-respect and confidence

Rehabilitation is now known to be a complicated, time-consuming job that rarely gives completely satisfying results. It also requires cooperation from many different parts of society and skills, tools, and money that aren’t always easy to come by, even in wealthy countries. It is also known that early interventions are easier to do, more likely to work, and use less of the limited resources available.

I hope you understand the definition of intervention / medical intervention meaning and examples.

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