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Onion Yellow Dwarf Symptoms and Control

What is an onion yellow dwarf? But, first, let’s find out about onion yellow dwarf symptoms and control guidelines!

Onion Yellow Dwarf Definition

Onion yellow dwarf meaning – What is the onion yellow dwarf virus (OYDV)?

Onion yellow dwarf virus is a plant virus in the genus Potyvirus. It has been found worldwide and mostly affects Allium plants, like onions, garlic, and leeks. The onion yellow dwarf virus is thought to be present in all areas where onions are grown.

onion yellow dwarf symptoms and control - onion yellow dwarf virus family

Onion Yellow Dwarf Causes

What causes an onion yellow dwarf? What is the most common cause of an onion yellow dwarf?

OYDV is a potyvirus with 722–820 nm long and 16 nm wide particles. Shallot latent virus is a carlavirus first found in the Netherlands in 1978. It is also a pathogen that is caused by an allium virus. The shallot aphid spreads this virus with long particles (650–652 nm) that look like threads (Myzus ascalonicus).

Shallots that grow from roots are often affected. Latent viruses from shallots can also be found in onion, garlic, and leek.

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Onion Yellow Dwarf Symptoms

Signs and symptoms of onion yellow dwarf: What are some symptoms of onion yellow dwarf?

The first sign is yellowing at the bottom of the youngest leaves. After that, all new leaves are hurt, and the whole plant turns yellow. The leaves may be crinkled or flattened and tend to fall over. The bulbs are small, but they stay strong. The stalks of the flowers are yellow and twisted.

In garlic, mosaic symptoms are likely caused by a combination of onion yellow dwarf virus and other viruses.

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Onion Yellow Dwarf Disease Cycle

The green peach aphid (Myzus persicae) and other aphids spread OYDV in a way that doesn’t last. The virus can only infect a small number of Allium species.

Onion Yellow Dwarf Control Guidelines

Onion yellow dwarf virus control: What is the best treatment for onion yellow dwarf?

Control can be done by using healthy plants. For example, meristem tip culture and virus indexing of stocks can be used to get clean garlic stocks. Because seeds do not pass on OYDV, healthy onion crops can be grown from seeds. To stop the virus from spreading from crop to crop, you must move away from allium crops and keep volunteers under control.

I hope you understand about onion yellow dwarf symptoms and control guidelines.

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